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Beeeeeen a While…

I have returned to my poor, neglected website, at long last. Hoping to perhaps get out of the ridiculous harm-factory of "social media" and back into the "post actual content to the actual internet and maybe sleep better".

Gonna let myself put non-perfect things up here. E.g. the "Drawing" tab, newly added, that is both a) not labelled or contextualized at all, and 2) fathoms and leagues away from being complete. But I've been meaning to put illustrations up here for, oh, years. Best to start with imperfection and refine later.

Also going to do some experiments in RSS, checking that you can find new syndication tech to allow me to tell you when something new is happening.

Basically, I finally deleted Facebook, so this is where you're likely to find anything I have to say that requires more than 280 characters.

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