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All the Things and More

It's a busy week.

First off, Jigsaw's back.

I didn't really even plan for this. The plan was to start streaming a lot. LEGOs. Board games. Readings from Madame Edgewise. That was the plan.

Then I had an idea for Dr. Kranium. And it made more sense to have Milton involved. And suddenly… Jigsaw's back.

And then I was on a deadline. Old pal Grant Baciocco interviewed me for his podcast Under the Puppet and I knew that was coming out… today.

So I knew if I was going to try and get my whole new-day self relaunch going, it really should be in time to have new content up when folx listen to Grant's show and find out about me.

Deadlines are the only way I work anymore.

Anyway, as I said, the plan is to do a ton of streaming. That'll be on Twitch.

I won't be able to post here all the time when I'm about to go streaming. Better place for that is the new Discord server.

And if you're inclined to throw financial support my way, I even have a Patreon.

As Dr. Kranium said last night, "the world is terrible and very frightening, so we wanted to do something silly to put some good back into the world." This is my silly. Thanks for showing up.

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