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The Best Worst Time

The world, especially this country, is just rotten and horrible. Capitalism is doing its venomous best to kill us all, freezing half the country to death while there's still aerosolized viral deathplague floating around all of us and it turns out half of us are fascists? Not a great time.

And yet. I am lucky. I am lucky to be safe and stable and, weirdly, by being strict about not going leaving the house, I've had loads of time to make stuff.

It's guilt-making, to be sure. It's wretched. But this has been one of the most artistically satisfying years of my life.

I've got a few short puppet pieces up (links now available on the Puppet page), I'm working on my next full-length show, I'm finishing up an original D&D adventure, and I'm making weird stuff that doesn't really fit anywhere else.

It's like the bleak horror that surrounds us all has allowed me to stop worrying so much about whether what I make is good, because we're all doomed, so might as well just… make stuff.

With any luck, the stuff I'm making helps somebody else get through the day a little easier. It's what I've got in me right now.

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