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Streamdrawring! It's all the rage! I do not really have the tech to do it properly! Huzzah!

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The opposite of ignorance is not omniscience

We aren't built to contain all knowledge. We are curious creatures. We crave knowing things. Every little detail of the world is, potentially, a tantalizing tidbit that we want to add to our collectio

Testing the streams

I'm toying with streaming as a looooong process of building my next show. Most of that will be handled at the show page, but while I was thinking of it, I decided to see whether I could get Twitch to

Beeeeeen a While…

I have returned to my poor, neglected website, at long last. Hoping to perhaps get out of the ridiculous harm-factory of "social media" and back into the "post actual content to the actual internet an

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